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A clean and versatile Merino and Tencel t-shirt designed to become a go to solution for your everyday city adventures. The GO TO t-shirt provides you with comfort and confidence to forget about the things on you, so that you could instead focus on the things in front of you. Scroll down to learn more about its features.

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  • GO TO t-shirt

    A shirt you will want to use, not use up

    A T-shirt can be so much more than just a T-shirt. It’s one of our most used possessions and by being the first thing to touch our skin, one of the most important ones. Choosing the right one can do wonders with how you feel throughout the day and in the end, what you are able to do. Our goal was to make a T-shirt you will want to use for more than just that party, for longer than just that weekend, and for better things than just that Instagram picture.
    px GO TO t-shirt

    Focus on the things in front of you, not the thing on you

    The GO TO T-shirt was designed to take care of things on its end so that you could take care of yours. It is made out of 50% Merino wool and 50% Tencel fabric. These two materials work together to keep your mind off of the T-shirt and on things that actually matter.

    Fine Merino wool

    Soft to the touch as well as great at regulating your body temperature by helping you stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Merino helps you stay fresh and comfortable by absorbing excess moisture away from your skin and into its fibers. This also helps combat the odour bacteria that can often make a great day not so great anymore. Learn more


    An eco friendly fabric made from regenerated wood cellulose. Its superior absorption and evaporation properties are a great at helping the Merino fibers get rid of excess moisture, especially during those hot summer days. It further complements the wool fibers by providing a smooth structure making the final material very pleasant to the touch. Learn more

    px GO TO T-shirt

    Start your day with the right things on you mind

    So where are we going today? You know what, it really does not matter. You will not have any problems matching its clean appearance with anything else you might be wearing that day. The tailored fit and slightly shinny finish makes sure the go to T-shirt looks more than just an undergarment and can be confidently worn on its own. Start your day by thinking what you are going to do, not what T-shirt you will wear.
    px GO TO t-shirt

    One shirt to start making a difference

    Fashion has been spewing new trends faster than we can buy, promoting disposability and a throwaway mentality. The world does not need more design, it needs better. We believe that a well-designed item can take the place of many poorly made ones, thus reducing the clutter in our lives and the impact we have on the environment.

  • Materials:
    50% Merino wool (19.5μm, 145gsm), 50% Tencel fabric.

    Care instructions:

    Machine wash on hand/wool setting. Before washing, turn the T-shirt inside out. Iron on low heat. Hang to dry. Please be aware that some shrinking (around 5%) straight after washing is normal. Choose your size accordingly.

    Made in Lituania, EU.

  • Fit: tailored.

    What's my size?
    There are two ways you can find your exact size. (1) You can use the Virtusize button above the "add to cart button", which will guide you through the process. (2) You can find the size chart below and compare your measurements to it. You'll need a T-shirt you already own and a way to measure it. You can check out the video below if you are not sure how to measure.

    Please be aware that due to the nature of the materials it is normal for the T-shirt to shrink slightly (around 5%) just after washing.


    px GO TO t-shirt size chart


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    Exchanges and returns:
    For our return policy please click here.
    We will happily exchange your T-shirt for a different size or color. Unfortunately we cannot offer free return shipping. So it would be up to you to get it to us. We do however cover the cost of getting the T-shirt back to you. For this reason we made an extensive guide for finding the right size, so please use it. Exchanges do not only waste money, but more importantly, time. If you are having problems and can't figure out which size to get, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help!

  • Want to ask us something? Drop us a line and we'll be right with you.

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