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1. Become an affiliate

Do you have a blog or any other outlet where you can reach people who would be interested in what we do? You can become an affiliate and earn a commission every time somebody buys from us after clicking your unique link. If you value quality over quantity and would like to contribute to our cause, you can apply here!

2. Interested in selling our products in your own store?

Do you represent an online or offline store(s) that would benefit from carrying our products? Do your customers value quality over quantity? If so, we would like to hear from you. Just email us at partners@pxurbanwear.com and we'll be right with you!

3. Do you represent a media outlet and are looking for a story?

Looking to cover something new? Writing a story about fast/slow fashion, technical clothing (urban techwear), capsule wardrobes and are currently looking for some contributors or just ideas? Want to write something about us and just need more information and/or pictures? Want to do a review for your followers? We're listening. Just email us at info@pxurbanwear.com and we'll be right with you!