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Invisible Bags

thoughtfull essentials for modern living

Things to do, places to be, and so much more to think about. You’ve got enough on your mind and we’re not out to complicate your day even more. We want to simplify it with a single bag that’s right for you - the one you’ll reach for every day.

a strong start

Start your day prepared. Each invisible bags has the right compartments to keep you organized and your modern tools-of-trade safe and within easy reach.

a good impression

It can be a meeting or an after-work drink - no one will accuse you of looking out of place. No unnecessary markings or protruding pockets, just a clean and understated appearance that will look good anywhere and on anything.

a clear forecast

No rain on your parade. All our bags are weatherproof and ready for any forecast.

the right bag for your kind of day

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