There are better things to do than to stand in front of the mirror. Better things to think about than what kind of clothes define us as a person. Better places to be than in a shop buying a new pair of something. Go do something worth remembering. Create, destroy, improve, change. Do what you love, try what you hate. Prove you’re alive. 

Our products can only help you by not getting in your way, but they definitely won’t do it for you.


Focus on doing better things, however big or small they might be. That’s what these folks are all about:


Production manager/Photographer/Cinematographer, you name it. You know the wide angle establishing shots you see in films and co mmercials? That's the kind of thing Quentin deals with on a daily basis.

Give him a camera, a drone and an inconspicuous landscape and he will shoot it at an angle that will make you fall in love with the place. There is no time for trendy outfits or uncomfortable fashion - there is greatness to be done.


She's the definition of "keeping busy". In between studying in uni Kiudee also finds time to blog, organise events and even take on several "brand ambassador" roles.

She doesn't believe in sitting and waiting for things to happen. Luck is not something you get handed to you, it's something you have to make happen.

We couldn't have been happier to see the Invisible Backpack by her side when she was traveling all over the world helping organize the FUSION Concept. Don't worry Nas, as long as there are people like Kiudee, hip hop won't die.


Yes, everything does start with a single, sometimes very insignificant, step. Alan is living proof of that. While being a nursing student, he also has time to make great use of his camera. And by great, we mean 80k+ followers great. But the best part of his achievement is how he started doing all of this.

When he was 15, Alan went on his first ever big trip to Mallorca. The need to document every moment of that trip pushed him to get himself a simple disposable camera. And that’s how it all began. After he ditched the disposable cameras and arrived to the digital age, he showed the world what a guy with a passion for capturing “the moment” can do.