The spread is real.


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In 2050, rising global temperature and the lack of clean drinking water facilitated the mutation of a new supervirus.

Even though some knew that this was coming, humanity was caught unprepared.

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However, there was a glimmer of hope in all this madness. Based on official statements, one country was successful in containing the virus. A field operative was deployed to investigate and report back any recommendations that might help the rest of the world.

Hong Kong
21 °C

Emerging in HK

Minimizing my exposure to the virus is crucial. I was told that, even with protective gear on, it's not recommended to stay exposed for longer than 30 minutes at a time. I was briefed about an abandoned tunnel system that could potentially shield me from the virus while I make my way across the city. Intel was correct. As per requirement, I am sending over proof-of-life pictures.

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Official statements seemed to suggest that the situation in Hong Kong is getting better. However, the empty streets of a once crowded mega-city tell a different story.

Where is everyone?

"When we're not sourcing surgical masks and other cleaning utensils, we choose to stay at home. Those of us who have jobs that allow it, anyway. People also tend to spend more time in nature instead of shopping in malls, thus avoiding crowded places."

"We noticed the virus outbreak somewhere around December, yet government measures are minimal. Most of us are frustrated with what the government has and has not done so far. Even though there were news about the virus outbreak in China, the HK government refused to shut down the borders."

Hong Kong citizens do not play around, which is understandable given their history with other viral outbreaks such as SARS. This experience has made the people of Hong Kong more sceptical about their government's ability to protect its people. Instead of waiting for government intervention, locals are trying to be self-reliant and proactive in their fight against the virus.

The virus is spreading quickly and we need more insight into how we should deal with it. Initial findings are inconclusive but they do seem promising. I believe there's a lot more we can learn from the locals here. For now, I'm sending over some recommendations based on the data collected so far.

I will re-emerge tomorrow and see what I can uncover. In the meantime, please stay safe.



COVID-19 won't stop on its own. Each of us must play our part in limiting its impact.

Sometimes it's easy to disregard a disaster that doesn't directly affect us and the people around us. Our friends from China are right, we must take the quarantine and any related measures seriously. If you have the privilege of working from home - do it. If you have the privilege of being young - don't abuse it. Limit your contact, wash your hands, and send your love to those who might feel alone right now. The only way we will get through this, which we will, is by working together.


A few years ago we received this awesome fan art. We never thought we'll live in a time when this picture could come close to depicting the actual world around us. But with all the awfulness that's going on right now, it never felt more real. Each of us has our own way of dealing with the current situation. Ours was to create something.

Our masked crusader

We would like to thank David for making all of this possible and taking all these amazing pictures of HK. He has had experience with other outbreaks and was well-equipped to carry out his mission safely. Check out more of David's work here:


Who are we?

We are Dom and Luke from OPPOSETHIS. We're usually much more subtle than this. Then again, we never experienced an apocalypse before.