Hi, we are dom and luke

The city was always our domain, and a backpack is that one thing that never stopped being a part of that life. A day in the city can take you places, and we needed a bag that would keep up no matter where we might end up that day. A simple, but well considered object that has everything a modern life requires, nothing more, nothing less. So in 2014 we designed our first backpack, and thanks to some, it was brought to life.

Designed to liberate

A deep appreciation for good and well-considered industrial design made us question the fashion industry and the things that were being made. But only discovering the small underground movement of urban techwear did we start seeing how everyday fashion pieces could be transformed into something more than just a pretty face. Industrial design and urban techwear are the building blocks of our design, which is all about creating an object that takes care of everything on its end, so you wouldn’t need to. An invisible friend you never need to think about.

Invisible Design