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We’re not perfect. You’re not perfect. So let’s stop wasting time pretending we’re better, smarter, or faster than we actually are. Let’s not exaggerate things that were never important to begin with. Life’s short and complicated as it is. We design bags that are meant to save your precious time. You buy one because you have better things to do than to think about buying five others. And that’s great. Because deep down, we all know life is not about bags anyway. So if you need a bag, keep it simple, and just get one good one.


We started px from a desire to prove that good design has a place in fashion. Design that helps us do things, saves time and encourages us to spend less of it on the things we buy. Look, we are already bombarded with choices and decisions. We already own more than we actually need. The “Invisible” bags are not just about slick minimalism or hidden pockets. They were designed to save your precious time. A bag that does everything you need it too, and does it without getting in the way of your life. There are better things we can do with our time, and we ourselves wanted a bag that would respect that.


Our goal is to give you better, so that you would need less. For us, better is an item you will use as much as possible, for as many things as possible. Taking care both of function and style, we want to help you spend less time thinking, worrying, and matching, and have more time for better things instead. And those who spend less time thinking about what to wear, spend less time in shops thinking what to buy. And let's face it, the earths in trouble. And while recycling is important, we all know that the actual problem is - us buying too much crap.
Watch our video "Less, but better"