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First prototype - Mini successor


First prototype - Mini successor


The process continues and we have something new to show you. But first, a quick announcement in regards to the TWO's luggage pass-through debate - it seems we'll be going vertical. By vertical we mean the bag will be vertical and the pass-through will be horizontal. After tallying up the votes vertical won by a small margin. It feels like Brexit all over again, but in our case, there's a referendum held at least once every year. We want to thank everyone for participating and helping us reach a decision! And now the time has come to introduce this week's guest of honor:

In an earlier post where we discussed the survey results we mentioned:

"A portion of contributors want something bigger. Similarly, some people would prefer something smaller. Therefore, we will move beyond our regular size and will explore additional shapes to fit those needs."

This week is all about the "something smaller". The smallest bag in our current lineup is the Mini, which, based on the design survey results, is not meeting the needs of those of us who prefer smaller bags. Size-wise it's great, but the survey gave us quite a few ideas of what we could do differently. In fact, it inspired so much that instead of updating the current Mini we decided to unchain ourselves and just go for a new bag altogether. Sure, we're taking some of the best bits out of it, why wouldn't we. But once this bag is completed it will replace the Mini. We're still unsure how to call it but based on how we call some of our other bags we all know it will be amazing, very clever, and not at all confusing.

Unlike the new TWO, this prototype is still a rough draft. But we see potential, and that's all you can ever ask for from the first draft of anything. With that in mind, let's kick things off with the positives.

There were quite a few mentions about tote bags in the survey and how it's great for when you want to pop out of the office for a coffee or take it with you to that 2PM meeting. Those who know us from the very beginning might remember that we had a tote bag in our lineup before we went full backpack. They certainly have their benefits. But with our limited range, we still think we should focus on backpacks. That being said, it doesn't mean we can't mix and match. This brings us to the most visually noticeable part of the bag: the top handles.

It's a small backpack, and unless we fill it with our rock collection, it will probably be light. Carrying-with-one-hand-light. The handles give us this option both functionally and aesthetically. We might think to ourselves - why would I ever carry a backpack in any other way than on my back? If the bag doesn't have the right handles and it isn't light enough, we wouldn't. But if it is, the benefits might surprise us all.

After deciding to go with the handle idea, it was only natural to think about its big brother - straps. Having multiple options has its pros and cons. On the one hand, choice is freedom and democracy. On the other, too much of it can be paralyzing and counter-productive. This is especially true in design. It shouldn't confuse us and an object should be clear about what it's supposed to do. For this reason, we are thinking about hide-away straps.

We usually agree with the saying that two wrongs don't make a right. But in this case, an additional option of hiding the straps can help us focus the bag in our own personal way.

It's a new thing for us and we're interested to know your thoughts on it. We like it because it's minimally invasive and doesn't sacrifice the backpack part in any way. It's a backpack that we can use as an interim tote bag without feeling like we're just carrying a backpack. It's a tote-pack, or perhaps a back-tote. And now you know how most of our bags were named.

Whatever it's a tote-back or a back-tote, it's still a work bag. As a work bag, it should have the necessary organisation. Here are some highlights:

Laptop compartment

No explanation needed.

Front pouch

A dedicated place for small item organisation.

A magic pocket

Technically it's a pocket with a magnet closure. It's useful to have names for pockets because it becomes easier to answer questions about them later on. I call it magic because magnets work like magic. No one else needs to call it that way. In any case, it's a useful place to store small items we want super quick access to.

The main compartment

A place for a water bottle, a zip pocket for small items you don't want in the front pouch pocket, and everything else.

This is what we have so far and we can't wait to see how the final version will turn out. The proportions are a bit off and then there is a list of other details that need to be adjusted. But regardless, it's something new and we're excited about it.

The next steps

That wraps up the "something small" and so it's time to move on to something bigger. It will be a completely new shape in our work lineup. We already had a chance to try it out and all I will say is that it ticks all the boxes. See you then!

P.S. If you have some additional thoughts on the subject, you can always leave a comment, email us, or hit us up on Instagram. We’re all ears. You can also leave your email here if you'd like to be notified of any new post relating to our process.