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Work bag survey results


Work bag survey results


The results of the 2020 work collection survey are in. First off, we’d like to thank all 600 of you who took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is an invaluable part of our process and the direction our bags and we as a brand take. It’s important to be authentic in your creative work, but design is about finding solutions to problems, which is why it’s equally important to never lose touch with the real world and the people who use our bags day in and day out. Without further ado, let’s review the 2020 work bag survey results.

2020 work survey results

As expected, physical appearance and design scored highest and was the most important aspect when buying a bag. It tells a story, and every time you wear it, you allow it to become part of yours. And we want to continue improving the story our bags and we as a brand tell, which, considering the current climate, should be about consideration, thoughtfulness, and longevity. 

There was a number of people who touched on some important issues relating to sustainability and transparency. These are important topics, and we wanted to let you know that we are aware of them. We will begin working harder at communicating it.

In terms of actual design improvement, the survey results show three main areas where we should focus on:

1. Organization

It should come as no surprise that one of the most important requirement for a great work bag is good organisation. And even though there is a clear distinction between those who prefer more detailed organisation and those who like a more lightweight and simple approach, the results do show there’s room for improvement. 

The One has a distinct shape, which lends it to be more style oriented. And, as mentioned before, there are those of us who want to keep things as simple as possible. It seems only natural that the One should continue to focus on this group’s desires and needs. But this is not to say that this group doesn’t need good organisation. Some changes are still needed, namely the main compartment and the way it handles small items.

The Two, however, is a different story. It always had the title as the bag with the largest amount of pockets and organizational variety. Yet again, it seems natural to build upon those attributes and make it even better for those of us who prefer more organisational options. But there’s only so much that can be done without altering the foundation itself. That’s why we feel it’s time to re-open the Two’s design and see whether there's room for a new interpretation.

2. Size and styles

For all our similarities, there are just as many differences. There were a number of contributors who would like to see more size and style options because the current One and Two do not fit them and their lifestyle particularly well. Each of us have a different set of physical, mental, and environmental attributes that influence our perception of what makes a work bag great. Our current range is limited in that regard, but after reading all of your comments we want to start taking steps towards changing that.

A portion of contributors want something bigger. Similarly, there are people who would prefer something smaller. Therefore, we will move beyond our regular size and will explore additional shapes to fit those needs. It seems we will be welcoming some new members to the work collection family.

3. Traveling

Over the years our designs have become more focused and specialised. That being said, our goal has always been to design our bags in a way that gives you freedom to use it for as many things as possible. Apart from using our bag primarily for work, based on the survey, many of us also use it as a secondary travel bag. A request for a dedicated luggage pass-through came up on multiple occasions – on and off the survey. Needless to say, we will look into this.

The next step

The survey gave us the direction we needed, now it’s only a matter of getting there. We will release updates on our progress here and on social media. If you want to get notified of all new posts relating to this process, leave your email here.

Also, if you have some additional thoughts on the subject, you can always leave a comment, email us, or hit us up on Instagram. As always, we’re all ears.

Dom + Luke