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Project Carry-on: Let's design a great backpack together!

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Project Carry-on: Let's design a great backpack together!

Have you ever wondered what goes into designing a bag? How designers think when they create something? What makes them add certain things and leave others out? How do you decide on a price, and is the phrase "good design costs more" true?

These and many more questions are what we will explore in this new experimental design project.

First of all, why a Carry-on?

We had received questions about whether we would ever design a backpack meant for travel – a carry-on as it’s called. We always replied that it’s something we might think of but never committed to actually doing.

For us personally, a carry-on bag is not really necessary. I understand the benefits, and if I would be traveling much more, I might think otherwise. But a lot of people do travel a lot, and some were wondering how would an OPPOSETHIS Invisible Carry-on backpack look like. Fair enough. I would actually like to see that too. Perhaps then I would want to own one too.

So, this is it, we will design a carry-on bag. But wait, this is where it gets fun:

We will document the entire design process, which you can be a part of!

Instead of doing our usual thing of designing behind closed doors and then dropping a new bag, we will record our design journey in this blog (sign up for our newsletter to get notified of new posts).

We will talk about the things we think about, what we do, and how we do it. An insider’s look into our process and design in general. And you are encouraged to participate and be a part of it each step of the way!

How can you participate?

Talk to us about what you like, what you want, what you think is a good idea, whether you agree or disagree with us, what your think would make the bag suck. This is not formal or anything fancy, if you like how some bags have that little hook for your keys, tell us! If you always wondered why something is done in a particular way, ask us! If you ever wondered why some bags cost $20 and others $700, we can help!

Basically, anything goes. So have fun! This is an opportunity to get into designing your dream bag and take a dip into something unfamiliar. So, get active – comment on this blog, email us, message us on Facebook, wherever.

The time frame - around 3 months

Even though we do not have to spend a lot of time hunting for materials and a place to make them in, this will still be tight. We want to complete the entire process from 0 to a finished prototype in around 3 months. There's a timer on the project's page, just to keep things moving.

Will I be able to get it if I like it?

Most likely it will not be a regular bag we sell on our website, more like a one-time phenomenon. If you will like it and tell us you like it, then we might do a small Kickstarter campaign (we still need a minimum quantity to produce them) as a limited-edition release. 

How often will we post updates?

We will try to do at least one each week. So expect a new post next week!