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A quick timeline update. We began working on finalizing the design for the Invisible Carry-on. This will involve getting the proportions right and refining some pockets and their inner organization. We plan to have a finished version on the 17th of October. Fingers crossed!

This project started with the desire to do something new and design a totally new bag in a short period of time. We got some new and great ideas we are planning to incorporate in later versions of our current bags! So, for us, this project is not only fun and exciting, but was also a great learning experience. I hope you got something out of it as well. But there’s still the question of the fate of the Invisible Carry-on once it’s finished.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the project, we will most likely do a small Kickstarter campaign for those of you who would like to purchase an Invisible Carry-on you helped make. And that’s what we will do. We are yet to decide whether we will keep it on our website forever, but if you’ll want one, you’ll be able to get one through Kickstarter.


We started together, we will finish it together! It’s just much more fun to do a campaign where we can continue talking and coming up with other ideas. That’s one reason.

The second reason is that we need 50 orders to justify making these bags and Kickstarter just makes sense in that regard.


This is not an ordinary bag drop. You’re part of it. Actually, you made it happen. Without your input and suggestions to make this kind of bag in the first place, who knows when we would have done it. So naturally, we want the price to reflect this more of an achievement we reached, rather than an ordinary release.

Until we sit down and talk it through with our manufacturing partners and hash out the details about the costs I can’t give an exact amount. But because it's a collaborative project, we'll try to keep it as low as possible. As you might have seen, we refer to this as a special "collaborator's price". 


If we manage to get the bag finalized by the middle of this month, then we will do the Kickstarter campaign the following month. Creating the campaign takes time, and I will keep you updated on our progress. And just like with the Invisible Carry-on, I will write about the process in the blog. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed!

VIDEO (first taste)

Last weekend I had some spare time and started working on our Kickstarter video. It’s an incomplete intro part. I will have to reshoot it once I get the final version, but for now, here’s a first quick look: