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Hey all!

It’s been a while since our last post. Last week I skipped our Friday meet-up because we still didn’t have the new prototype. But we do now!

I’m loving the new version because most of the details are finally how they are supposed to be. Let’s take a look.


That was the number one problem for the first prototype. The final version looks narrower. We reduced the side flap size, which made a dramatic improvement. It’s nicer to look at, don’t you agree? It’s amazing how small changes like that can make such a major overall impact.

The current size of the bag is 52x34x20cm (~33L) when expanded, and 52x34x14 (~24L) when contracted. Big enough to fit a lot of stuff, and small enough for wandering around the city. Exactly what we were looking for.

Front compartment

Instead of cutting off 2/3 down the bag (where the bottom compartment starts) it now goes across the entire length of the bag! It’s freakin’ great. A lot more space and much more useful. As a bonus, you won’t need to worry about adding something protruding and having it make the bag look “lumpy”.

front compartment - invisible carry-on

We padded the entire front, which will help protect the things inside this compartment.

A lot of people suggested an inner pocket with some depth, which you shall get. If you take a closer look at the picture, it’s the one with the +2 UNO card sticking out.

That being said, the inner organizational pockets are not final yet. We got preoccupied with everything else and forgot about them. We will obviously make them bigger. 

invisible carry-on bottom pocket

The bottom compartment is still there, and it’s a great place to keep your chargers or other cables. Of course, you are free to use it for whatever you like.

We also made the small quick access pocket for your phone wider.

The laptop compartment and main compartment were left the same, not much you can or would want to add there. Although, we plan on removing one mesh pocket from the main lid opening and replacing with a different one. But apart from that, we're done! Well, with the design part anyways.

A huge thanks for each and everyone who were part of this project. We couldn't have done it without you! And it's true, you were the one's who gave us this idea in the first place. Great work! I honestly can't wait to use this bag on my next trip. No more compromising between space and bringing a second bag for me!

What’s next?

As mentioned in a previous post, we plan on launching a Kickstarter campaign on the 6th of November. It will be your chance to get the bag you helped make at a special price.

There’s not a lot of time left, so we will try to finalize the front pocket during the campaign. During the upcoming two weeks we will work on getting the Kickstarter page ready (pictures, video, etc.). Next week we should have most of that stuff done.

Before we launch, I would like you to give us some feedback on the campaign itself -  what’s missing, what should we add and so on. That would help us with getting the campaign funded and this bag a reality. I will likely post a preview link of our Kickstarter campaign next week. We started designing this bag together, now let’s finish it!


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  • @Joshua at this moment we only have the black available. If there will be enough people that want a different color, we might do it in navy as well. :)

    Luke on
  • @Khym As cool as that sounds, we won’t integrate an LED light. I get how it could help some people, but I haven’t seen anything satisfactory out there that would solve this problem. Sorry!
    @Abdul @Wedha @Shakiran @Joshua All of you raised a great point about the water bottle pocket! Unfortunately, there won’t be one. The zipper that allows the bag to contract is the reason why we can’t add it. We had to compromise between the bag contracting and a separate bottle pocket. A decision was made from the very beginning that if we can’t make it contract in a way that doesn’t leave all that unused material flapping around (if there were only compression straps like in a lot of bags), we shouldn’t do it. The zipper allowed us to make the bag compressible without compromising on aesthetics – two additional side straps that nobody wants and the wrinkled material I mentioned before. Based on the survey results, we didn’t see a huge demand for the bottle pocket, which is why we decided to leave it out and add the compression zipper instead. A sacrifice we had to make.
    So, what are the options? Well, the front compartment is deep and a quick way to store and access your bottle. Accidental spillage shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you use the organizational pockets above the bottle, or any other compartment in the bag. If you own a carbine water bottle, another option is to attach it to the side strap if you are worried about it spilling. Although, investing in a proper bottle that you can trust would be wiser.
    @Abdul We’ll look into the key ring. Good news about the mesh pocket though! We will do exactly what you described. :)
    @Wedha There will be a removable sternum strap included with the bag!
    @Shakiran The bag is already good at keeping the rain out, so no rain cover I’m afraid. But you can probably find a good one from a different brand if need be!
    @Joshua As above, there’s a removable sternum strap included with the bag. We use a bring blue-ish liner in one half of the front compartment and in the bottom compartment. The phone pocket uses a different softer material that we can only get in black. But the secret pocket has the same bright blue-ish liner which contrasts nicely. And lastly, whether the bag will stand depends on how you pack it. It’s much sturdier than our other bags and doesn’t collapse when empty. But if you only have a laptop inside the laptop compartment and nothing else, then it will naturally tilt and fall over on its own.

    Luke on
  • Loving the bag, i’d like to also add another vote for a dedicated water bottle holder – water is one of the essentials on a flight as you get so dehydrated, i’ve had water bottles leak from pressurisation as well.

    Are there going to be other colour options apart from black? something like a navy or grey?

    Optional waist and sternum straps would be good as well.

    With regards to the interior a brighter lining would be great so you can see/find things easier.

    One thing not covered here and is important – does that bag stand up on it’s own when loaded? too many bags constantly fall over…

    Joshua Corin on
  • Just registered for insider access and looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign . Love the design so far. Couple of things I’d like to add,
    1) As a few have already stated some sort of water bottle side holder would be much appreciated . From the video I couldn’t spot one there . Bare in mind , a bag this multifunctional will be used as a daily carry as well
    2) this probably wouldn’t be appeal to your global market but being from south East Asia …. a water resitant cover that can be rolled away and store in a small compartment beneath the bag that takes up no space and doesn’t in any way compromise the design ethos would be really awesome . Especially in a tropical climate

    Shakiran on
  • Please add the loop to have add-on waist strap and sternum strap, and make it as accessories that we can purchase separately or include in the bundle package.

    I always travel with minimal items to carry, however between hotel check out and the next train or flight, I’d often walk around the city, and that straps will help a lot to alleviate weight.

    Right now my main travel bag is the invisible 2 bag, and I love it! I need a bigger backpack for an extended trip.

    Great looking backpack by the way!

    Wedha Suajaya on

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