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We just got news that TNT, the courier we use to deliver our orders, has been hacked by the new ransomware (a program that locks your computer and asks for money in order to get it back) and is unable to deliver outside the EU. All we know is that they plan to have everything back up and running within 5 business days, but until then, unfortunately, we can only ship to member EU countries. If this is unacceptable, we can always send through regular post, but do contact us before hand. 

A bit about the attack

Another one? Really? Sadly, yes. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack that took the world by storm last month, exposing just how old most systems are in a lot of institutions, is back! Well, kind of. 

The new attack probably came from someone else, and is concentrated in the Eastern/Central Europe (although both Britain, US, and other countries have been slightly affected). It is believed that this might not be a ransomware attack, but instead, a malware (a bad bad virus) disguised as ransomware to attack Ukraine and its government, or just to test their cyber defences. 

But it does utilise a similar technique WannaCry did, infecting one computer and exploiting vulnerabilities in the often still not updated systems to infect the rest of the network of computers. This attack started disguised as a software update for an accounting program used in many Ukrainian firms. Luckily, it does not spread like WannaCry did, which means it will not spread beyond the affected companies.


"A ransomware attack that affected at least 2,000 individuals and organisations worldwide on Tuesday appears to have been deliberately engineered to damage IT systems rather than extort funds, according to security researchers."

You can learn more about the attack here.


What can you do to protect yourself from losing all your data?

Simple and nothing new really. 

(1) Keep that operating software of yours up to date

(2) When in doubt - don't press! If you see an email with an attachment, a pop up, an anything that smells just a bit fishy, DO NOT OPEN IT. Just don't.

(3) Tell this to anyone who looks like someone who would fund a Nigerian prince.