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The Archive


The Archive


As you might know, our design process heavily revolves around building upon previous experiences. We usually do this once a year in a form of a design update. This year we decided to do something we’ve been thinking about for some time - create a place that records each update and version. We call it the Archive.

Track changes between versions and get a better sense of our direction

the archive

One of the most common question we receive about new bags is “what’s the difference between this year’s and last year’s version?” While we are always happy to answer it, for the purpose of sparing you from needing to write an email, each bag in the Archive now has a list of updates and changes that were made to it over the years. You can find them under the "Update Notes" tab.

Find older versions that are still available for purchase

the archive versions

Because names for our bags rarely change, having both a new and old version of the same bag available in the shop has always been a bit tricky. That's why all older bags that are still available for purchase have now been moved to the Archive. So you if you think that an older version better suits your needs, go ahead and visit the Archive.