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Invisible Backpack Two - 2018

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Invisible Backpack Two - 2018

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(each year we refine our designs based on your feedback and our own evolving understanding)

The 2018 Invisible Backpack Two, in similar ways like the Invisible One, was reiterated to make it a much more pleasant everyday companion. Key points:

  • New strap design
  • New clean back
  • Laptop compartment moved inside
  • Removal of the shoe pocket

The biggest issue people had with the Two was its bagginess when not full. We made it more compact, slightly changed its proportions, added structural padding, which translates in a more solid form and a bag that’s much more pleasant to use. Like characters in a TV show’s third season, the Two’s design feels much more established and “the way it should be”.

This update didn’t come without constraints. The much-loved top drop-in pocket prevented us from placing the laptop compartment at the top back of the bag, which meant we had to put it inside the main compartment.

A small thing I didn’t mention in the One’s update is that the loose ends of the strap belts are now dangle free.

You can find more pictures here: 



Ever since we started out we had a vision of creating a place where you could find great objects designed with attention and care for the essential needs and desires of modern city life. A place where temporary trends don’t matter and the thing you bought years ago is still available and good today as it was then. Call it “a desire for something more permanent and meaningful”. The problem is that design is rarely final. Even if you get it just right, times inevitably change. Updates give us the necessary time to reflect and stumble upon something better and at the same time keep the design current. Instead of letting it age, we want to give it a chance to mature and over time become special in ways that cannot be designed.