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Invisible Backpack Three - 2018

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Invisible Backpack Three - 2018

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(each year we refine our designs based on your feedback and our own evolving understanding)

invisible backpack THREE - 2018 - black

The 2018 version of the Three has been significantly changed to complement the current lineup. Redesigned to be a gym/laptop bag hybrid, the Three is made for those who carry their gym/work life in one bag. Key points:

  • New wide opening
  • Top drop-in pocket
  • Shoe pocket
  • New strap design
  • Top access laptop compartment
  • Removable sternum strap
invisible backpack THREE - 2018 - black

Similar to the Carry-on, the Three is much more specific in what it’s supposed to do. Although, you know us, we don't like telling you how to use your bag and try to keep both the outside and the inside clean.  

Size and compactness is a thing for us this year and after playing around with the dimensions I love how the Three came out in that regard. With 23L it has more space than ever before but at the same time it’s shorter and feels more compact than the previous version!

The 2018 Three will retain the classic quilted back but with a slight change to the mesh material we use for increased durability.

Top drop-in pocket. Need I say more?


invisible backpack THREE - 2018 - black


The first Invisible Backpack was supposed to be that one bag you could use for anything (within the confines of an average day in the city). A clean interior with non-constricting pockets gives freedom to pack how and what you want. An understated appearance rarely looks out of place and can blend with pretty much anything. Every design choice was made to maximise our individual freedom so that we could use the bag in the way and for the things we want to. This notion was what gave life to the shoe pocket. A simple feature that can add another level of practicality when you need it and at the same time not get in the way when you don’t. But as time went by and we released different styles we realized that this freedom, ironically, was making things more complicated. We all crave a certain degree of order and specificity. In the light of this we decided to make 2018 the year in which we begin clarifying the purpose of each design. That being said, individual freedom is still our priority.