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Invisible Backpack One - 2018

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Invisible Backpack One - 2018

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Instead of waiting to release the complete 2018 Invisible lineup, we will be releasing each bag separately. It will be done in two week increments (roughly) with an introductory post dedicated to each upcoming bag.


(each year we refine our designs based on your feedback and our own evolving understanding)

2018 marks the three year anniversary of the Invisible Backpack ONE, as well as, the fourth iteration of our first design. This year’s update can be seen as a culmination of the last three years of its design journey - taking some of the best things from its predecessors and at the same time further refining certain details. These updates include:

  • New strap design
  • New clean back
  • Reintroduction of the front flap pocket
  • Reintroduction of the top access laptop compartment
  • Removal of the shoe pocket

This will be the first  time the ONE will not have a shoe pocket - a decision that’s hard and liberating at the same time. It was hard because it was there from the beginning - a legacy of sorts. At the same time, it was liberating to do the thing we promised ourselves back in 2014 - cut the bs.

To give you some context - the shoe pocket was not being used that much by a lot of people. Removing it has made the One shorter, lighter, and much more pleasant to use. In design terms - it feels much more complete. Funny how removing something can have such an impact. However, the shoe pocket had a good purpose and it will continue to live on in the updated Three.

The smaller version of the ONE, the MINI, went through similar changed with the exception of having its bottle pocket removed. Just like the One, it feels much more complete now.

You can find more pictures in the links below. Specifics (dimensions etc.) will be included in those pages next week. For questions and the like you can comment below or email us




Scotland, 2014. Dom and I (Luke) met up for coffee in our good-looking library. I had my old beat up bag laying on the table as Dom sat down and jokingly made the usual “get a new bag” comment. Normally, I would have just laughed at my own lack of style finesse but at this point I had already reached the “help me find one” stage so I did some venting:
There’s too much bs - I said. Too many unnecessary pockets in some. Too many attention grabbing stylistic choices in others. All I want is a simple quality bag that works on all levels but at the same time is discrete enough to just blend in with my clothes and not call too much attention to it. Something that has as little bs as possible, you know?
As much as I was incoherent at times, turns out Dom knew exactly what I meant and this conversation has since become the premise of our design language.
No eye catching logo. No “clever” branding. No distracting appendages. Only what’s necessary to make this bag pleasant and easy to use. Nothing more, nothing less.