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Introducing the BACKPACK mini

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Introducing the BACKPACK mini

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We are very happy to finally introduce you to the newest addition to the Invisible bag family. As you can tell from the name, this is our most compact backpack yet. The things we carry vary greatly from person to person, and a regular size backpack for me can be an oversized black hole for someone else. But while having extra space wouldn't be all that bad, the size can often make a bag look aesthetically less pleasing on a smaller body. There is no one-size-fits-all solution out there, so a smaller backpack felt like a natural next stop for us.

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A little bit about it:




When compared to the Invisible Backpack v2, the Backpack mini is smaller both in height and depth, making it a much better fit for people that may have felt the other backpack was a bit too big for them. The reduction in space is noticeable, but there was more than enough for us when testing it. Actually, thanks to it being more compact, it felt much better than having a half empty v2. So if your carry is on the lighter side, the smaller size is definitely something I would recommend. The satisfaction that comes from owning something that fits you is much more valuable than the security felt from having some extra "just in case" space you might never use. 




The smaller size didn't agree with our current Invisible Backpack v2 design. The reduction in size just made it look, well, weird. A new design was required, so we turned back to our v1 for some inspiration. The outside pockets and laptop compartment is similar to those found in the Invisible Tote.

Given the smaller size, we kept the design simple and only added the essentials so that it wouldn't feel cluttered. This means that there is no expandable inner divider or a bottom compartment for that matter. But you don't really miss it as everything is close enough as it is.


End of Summer

You can find more pictures and info here.