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Difference between invisible BACKPACKS ONE, TWO, and THREE

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Difference between invisible BACKPACKS ONE, TWO, and THREE

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We just released the 2017 Invisible Backpack line up, which is the first time we have more than one Invisible Backpack.They all have very similar pockets, so if you're wondering which one is for you, this post might help.


We had people ask us to reintroduce the 2015 version invisible BACKPACK, which had a more unique appearance than our lower key invisible BACKPACK TWO. That’s what we did. Just like the TWO and THREE, it has all the main pockets that make an invisible BACKPACK great, but if it’s something that’s more your style, it’s the bag for you. It was slightly redesigned to fix some minor issues people had with the older version of the ONE (such as the top zipper being pulled down by the weight of the items inside).


Last year’s invisible BACKPACK was our second version of the invisible BACKPACK, but now that we have more than one, it’s called the invisible BACKPACK TWO. Apart from removing the document sleeve from the main compartment, which made life more difficult than fun, it’s exactly the same great bag.


The feedback we received from people that use the ONE (older version) and TWO helped us refine our design, which brings us to the newest version of the invisible BACKPACK - the THREE. The backpack has inner zippable pockets inside one of the side pockets and inside the main compartment. We changed the top entrance design to a backwards facing zipper to add more structure to the bag overall. Whereas the TWO is more fluid and changes shape depending on the things inside, the THREE is much better at keeping its appearance even when empty. The straps were also redesigned and now are a bit wider at the top and more firm.

Hopefully this helps. If you have some other questions, contact us.