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Think before you buy, because we are all in this together

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Think before you buy, because we are all in this together

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Today is a very important day. It is not because we are finally releasing the Invisible bags, although I do hope they will have a positive impact. Today is Earth day, a reminder that we are all in this together.


We should start looking at the bigger picture

It is no secret that we consume more than the planet can sustainably provide. In other words, we buy too much and use too little. While finding new ways to recycle and creating eco-friendly materials is important, it is nothing more but a pill that tries to manage the symptoms of a much bigger problem.


Making a positive impact does not mean making big sacrifices

The biggest misconception when it comes to being more environmentally friendly is the belief that huge sacrifices must be made. It is true that so much needs to change. But big change (the one we need right now) will come from little individual changes. Just by buying one T-shirt less, and using the one we already have for longer, would make a bigger impact, when multiplied by our massive population, than most other things we are doing right now. Repairing something that is repairable instead of throwing it out and buying something that is labeled “eco-friendly” would even be better, and at the same time, more fulfilling. There are so many things we can do, and the best part is that we just need to buy less, which means we do not really need to do anything.


Think about whether you really need it

So next time you decide to spend your hard earned money, think. Do you really need it? Will you actually use it? If not, then save that money and spend it on experiences, not more stuff. Buy something worth remembering, which might be as simple as a bbq with some friends.