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Looking for something to do this weekend? Rediscover geocaching

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Rediscover geocaching

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The best things in life usually don’t cost a lot of money.

They sure don't!

While I was visiting my family for Easter last week, my sister reintroduced me to geocaching. I had forgotten the joys of running around places trying to find hidden stuff. It’s one of those things that can give you so much from so little. You think you know everything about your city? Guess again.

What’s geocaching?


If somehow you don't know what it is (a lot of people don't!), here's a quick introduction:

It's the world's largest treasure hunt (their words, not mine). Okay, you won’t find gems buried somewhere in your neighborhood, but only the possibility of discovering something hidden in a place you probably walked past thousands of times before, is worth checking out.

The way it works is your smartphone shows you an approximate location to a hidden stash, which you then have to find based on either hints that other people left, or by only using your critical thinking. 

The stash usually holds a piece of paper (but might have something more!), which you use to put a date and your name to “mark” your finding. Simple, yet extremely fun. 


What do you need to get started?

invisible bag geocache

To start you need the geocache app. There’s a free version that should be enough to get you started. But if you want to unlock all treasure locations and hints, it'll cost around 10 euros. Given the hours of fun it can give you and your friends, not that big of an investment really.

After you get the app ready in your fully charged smartphone, the next thing you MUST remember is to bring something to write with. That's the essentials. Of course, depending on your particular situation you might need to bring some water/food/something warm.

A better weekend. One you'll remember

geocache px

Sometimes it can feel as if you're not living in a city, but a large shopping mall where the only pass time is buying stuff. That's why geocaching is awesome and can definitely make a boring weekend into one you'll remember for a long time. So skip the shopping trip for a new pair of something and go out there and explore! Believe me, everyone would prefer you talking about your day geocaching than your day picking out trousers.