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A thing to check out if you like movies: Every Frame a Painting

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A thing to check out if you like movies: Every Frame a Painting

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Every Frame a Painting

I always had a fascination with movies. Not just the dialogue, the actors, or the story, but the cinematography itself. The art of putting everything in place in a way that makes the entire movie larger than the sum of its parts is an achievement worth appreciating.

But just like with any kind of art, the more you know about its history, where it came from and why it was done in a specific way, the more you can appreciate it.  

And this goes both ways. Because of my lack of knowledge about paintings and the stories behind them, I wouldn't understand or get a feeling that others do when they look at them. I mean, I could appreciate the composition, but that's it. But there's more, much more. 

But let's get back to movies. If you, like most, people like them, then I can't recommend Every Frame a Painting enough. Tony will show you things you never thought existed, but were hiding in plain sight the entire time. After watching him, you'll start to see more than just the actors or hear more than just the dialog - you'll discover the essence that made a movie special. And when that happens, you'll appreciate it even more. 

This is Tony talking about comedy, but you can find more on his YouTube channel.