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Know your stuff: what makes wool special?

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Know your stuff: what makes wool special?

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We’re back again with #knowyourstuff. Today's topic: wool.

So wool is that one material that everyone seems to be always talking about but yet, nobody really knows exactly why it’s so special. We all know it keeps us warm, but is there anything else to it?

Technically, you can’t generalize wool into one categories as they all (Merino, Alpaca, Lambswool, Cashmere and so on) have slightly different properties. But, this post is not about making you a wool expert, it’s about giving you the basics you would actually find useful in your day-to-day life. 

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 3 main things that makes wool awesome to wear:

  • Regulates body temperature all year round

We all know that wool can keep you warm. But what it can also do is keep you cool. Its naturally occurring air pockets help keep the heat in as well as help the body get rid it when it needs to. When you sweat, it’s your body cooling down. The natural properties of wool help move that moisture away from your skin and out into the open where it can evaporate, making you feel comfortable and dry.

  • Warm when wet

Wool is good at absorbing moisture. But unlike cotton, it still keeps you warm even when it’s wet. It absorbs the water into its air pockets and keeps you feeling dry and warm.

  • Reduces body odor

Most wool features a slight anti-bacterial property that fights our body odor. But once again, the biggest role in odor-control is played by wool’s ability to help move your sweat out. Keeping you dry makes sure the bacteria that causes odor cannot replicate, thus, keeping you feeling fresh the entire day.


And what about when the day ends? You can just leave it hanging overnight and confidently use it the next day. Not something you can do with anything else.

  • Durable

Wool is naturally elastic and contrary to popular believe – very durable, if treated well.