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If you still don't know: how long you should nap for?


If you still don't know: how long you should nap for?


Who doesn’t love a nice mid-day nap? It gives you the energy boost you need, which is also all natural, organic and sugar-free. But don’t you just hate when instead of waking up to this:

 What a proper nap looks like

"Much better"

You wake up to this:


“Great. Not only have I wasted two hours but I also feel like a potato waking up from a 5-year coma”

Our sleep is divided into cycles, a full one being around 120 minutes. So if you wake up feeling as if there’s no point in getting up, it often means you broke one of those cycles.

To never feel like crap again, all you need to do is remember these three numbers:

20 minutes: increases alertness and improves motor functions

60 minutes: great for decision making

90 minutes: great for creativity

That's it.

I personally prefer 20 minutes – it’s short, yet effective. A 20-minute nap will improve your motor functions and increase your alertness. This means your keyboard typing or piano playing game will improve considerably.

Find what suits you best. Just stick to the time and make sure you set your alarm clock because there's nothing worse than accidentally sleeping into the night:

"Gots to go save Gotham!"