px urbanwear changing name to OPPOSETHIS

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Hey all!

Just a quick heads up, we will be changing our name “px urbanwear” to “OPPOSETHIS” in a few months and will finally stop confusing people with our lowercase letters and two separate words (sometimes three). Naturally, the current web address will change also (from to This means that in the coming couple of months we will be slowly transitioning to the new name, so don’t be scared when you see instead of in your browser bar. We will also do a slight face-lift to the website to improve certain things.

That being said, the objects we design and the underlying philosophy we use will remain the same, the only difference being a new website - shiny and chrome!

That’s all for now, stay tuned.

P.S. Bags will still be called Invisible, obviously.

Name change

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  • Hey Alex! Sorry about that, we really hate doing sales for this exact reason, but we had a few bags left with the old name so we decided to do it. It’s not a habit we want to get into. This is the first time we did a sale for a full featured Invisible Backpack and thankfully we don’t have plans to do a new rebranding any time soon. Hope you understand!

    Luke on
  • Congrats on the new brand name! It’s a bit frustrating that I bought the invisible backpack one a month ago for retail and now its on sale ?

    Alex on

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