The Invisible Backpack 1.1.16 is sold out

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Invisible backpack 1.1.16

"I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone..."

Just wanted to give a quick update:

The limited release for the Invisible Backpack 1.1.16 has officially ended. I know that some really liked the design and uniqueness of the appearance, and we really appreciate your positive feedback!

But that being said, I want to take a moment and remind everyone what we strive for in our designs, which is usability. That means making items that are not beautiful just because of the way they look, but because of the way they feel when you use it. We always believed that truly beautiful things do not ask for attention and, therefore, do not try to make items you would want to hang on a wall for everyone to see. That is why we do not add logos or any other unnecessary markings or features. The things we design are not here to tell the world what you are all about with its appearance, you have to do it yourself . The backpack or anything else is only here to help you do that by getting out of your way (great functionality, simple and versatile appearance).

Invisible Backpack

"It's here to help you get s%$t done!"

So if you were wondering why we changed the appearance in the 2.0.16, this is why. This is not to say the v1 was bad in any way. But as with all things, design changes and matures as we who make it do.

We do not plan on abandoning the v1 design all together, but for now, we won't be restocking them. And now, Ikea Monkey:



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  • Hey Benjamin,

    The v1 will live on in some form, I’m sure of it. :) We just need to figure out how to change certain things without changing the overall shape. This is something we’re doing right now, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we have something to show.

    Luke on
  • As I read through Jens’ comment I couldn’t help but think he was voicing my thoughts. I also came to the website after discovering the 1.1.16 on YouTube (by chance) and thinking “I want this!”. It had everything I wanted: extremely handy pockets and compartments, enough volume for me to pack my gym gear and extra pair of shoes I always have with me as I cycle with cycling shoes and above all a beautiful design.

    I totally get your intention of getting ever more practical, but I do really believe you lost your touch with the younger generation with 2.0, as Jens says. Being 100% practical is a 50+ thing (think of how practical a sleeveless kaki jacket with multiple pockets is… and how off putting it is also). I wouldn’t go so far as to say the 2.0 is as bad design wise but it does remind me of all these hardcover camera backpacks you can find.

    Just like Jens, I am really hoping to see V1 one relive.

    kind regards,


    Benjamin Horner on
  • Hey Jens,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    It wasn’t my intention to suggest that function is über alles and that the everything needs to be dulled down to the lowest possible level. The v2 is still unmistakably unique when you see someone wearing it, but it is more subtle in its approach compared to the v1, which is the thing that I like.

    Yeah, finding the middle as you said is exactly right in this case. I guess it’s only natural that before we do we will sway to both extremes. The v1 is still there and after we’re done releasing the smaller and the roll-top version (in the coming month or two), we will hopefully re-visit it with a fresh set of eyes and perspective!

    It’s always nice to hear someone call you a 50+ khakis loving fella. It makes you think. Haha

    Luke on
  • “truly beautiful things do not ask for attention and, therefore, do not try to make items you would want to hang on a wall for everyone to see”

    right on. I get where you re coming from. so I saw the first version and was interested only to come on your homepage and realized you abandoned the nice design. the functionality is awesome. so many pockets. and pockets which are useful. BUT

    I don’t care if others think my backpack is beautiful when I have it on a “wall hanging”… I do care about what I see when I look at it. and it looks boring as hell. let me remind you – your intention is great – no doubt – but you got lost in the process – functionality and design are not a decision of one or the other – please see:

    it has awesome functionality and nice looks: first place – your first design I would place second – your 2.0 I would place 5th ;) ;(

    you know – you present your backpack with young people using it – it looks like a bag for 50+ users – nothing against 50+ but they tend to wear plain khakis etc – you know what I mean – your 2.0 looks to plain.

    there are many attention seeker backpacks out there – I am with you – but your intention in doing exact the opposite is counter productive…

    again – in my view – your case is a matter of FINDING THE GOLDEN PATH IN THE MIDDLE.

    please – no offense – i wish you all the best and hope for you considering my post when designing your next great pack.
    so i am waiting for this: “We do not plan on abandoning the v1 design all together” – statement coming reality again.

    very kind regards

    Jens Kraft

    PS excuse my English – mother tongue is German

    Jens Kraft on

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